Kidzmotion Wooden Balance Bike

The Kidzmotion is one of the best selling wooden balance bikes over on amazon at the moment.

It comes in some fantastic designs perfect for both girls and boys.

There are some great features which you don't see on other balance bikes such as a carry handle which is carved into the frame. This is perfect for parents to transport the balance bike when kids have had enough.

But is it right for your child? It is important to make sure that the bike has features which are appropriate to the child in question's age and height.

The seat height and weight of the bike are important factors to take note of in your decision.

Read on to help you make sure it's the right balance bike for you.


Seat Height
3 seat heights 34cm, 36cm and 38cm
30cm wheels with wooden infill and inflated tyres
Frame Material
Birch Plywood


It has a padded seat with 3 different seat heights, 34cm, 36cm and 38cm. To make sure that the seat height is correct for you child, measure their inseam and take of 2.5cm to get the correct seat height.

​This means that if you child has an inseam of around 36.5cm to 40.5cm there will be a seat height to accommodate them on their bike. It's always nice to have some growing room on the bike as well so it's worth bearing this in mind.

Wheels and Tyres

The 12 inch (30cm) wheels have a wooden infill and inflated tyres. The inflated tyres will offer more traction for kids when riding. They are better than EVA foam tyres on uneven surfaces and will offer more cushioning for riders. Air tyres are also good for offering cushioning when going up and down kerbs and steps.


The bike weighs appoximately 4.2kg. This is heavier than some other wooden balance bikes but it's probably due to the extra weight of the inflated tyres. Most lighter balance bikes will have EVA foam tyres.

A bike of 4.2kg is still very lightweight. It is advised that you get a balance bike no more than 1/3 of the weight of your child as then it is easier for them to control. They will find them easier to move around, up and down kerbs and steps. Lightweight balance bikes are also easier for parents to transport.

Other Cool Features

The bike features soft plastic handgrips with safety ends.
The carved in carry handle is a great feature. It makes it easy for parents to carry and transport the bike when young children have had enough. 
3 seat heights - 34cm, 36cm and 38cm  (good to have 3 height adjustments on a wooden bike)
  There are metal balance bikes which offer a greater range of height adjustments
Made with eco friendly birch plywood
Inflated tyres have better traction, can cope with uneven surfaces and a offer comfortable ride.
Like all air tyres, they will need to be maintained (pumped up and punctures are al
 Carved in carry handle
Lots of cool designs to choose from

Who is This Bike Recommended For

Around 2 1/2 to 3 years plus - Although this is an age recommendation the best way to make sure the bike is right for the child in question is to do an inseam measurement. The lowest seat height is 34cm. It is important to measure the inseam of your child and take off 2.5cm to ensure that this bike can have the right seat height so that their feet can push along the ground.

When To Avoid

Very Small / Young Children - It's probably not the best choice for young children unless they are tall for their age. The lowest balance bike seat is quite high compared to other balance bikes available for smaller children. Some seat heights are as low as 28 -30cm. You can check out some of these bikes here.