What Is The Lightest Balance Bike

What Is The Lightest Balance Bike?

There are many really lightweight balance bikes on the market and many reasons for getting a lightweight bike. If you are a parent of a small child who can envisage themselves carrying a balance bike a lot when your child has had enough of riding it, it can be very advantageous to get a lightweight bike. Lightweight bikes are also easier for young, small and light children to control. It’s a lot harder for a young child or toddler to manage a bike that weighs 4.5kg which can be a third to almost half of their weight.

Luckily there are many very lightweight bikes on the market. When buying a balance bike, the weight of the bike can be very important when buying for a young and lighter child. However, as your child gets bigger, heavier and stronger the weight becomes less important as they will be able to control heavier bikes. Also when choosing a balance bike there are a lot of other important factors to consider, so also check out the 

balance bike buying guide.

What Is The Lightest Balance Bike?

The lightest balance bikes I could find is the Bopster Children’ s Wooden Balance Bike
Wooden bikes have some great advantages. They tend to be environmentally friendly. However, they compromise on some areas. You have to be careful not to leave them out in the rain. They also tend to have less range on the seat height adjustments. 

Metal Balance Bikes

The lightest balance bikes tend to be made of lightweight aluminium which is strong but lightweight.
Here are a list of some of the lightest metal balance bikes:

Strider 12 inch classic – super lightweight at just under 3kg. This is designed for kids from 18 months to 5 years.

Tiny bike – another lightweight one at 3.2kg. This is the balance bike my son used to learn to ride on from his 2nd birthday. I can definitely recommend it for young toddlers aged 2 and over.

Micro Bike – recommended for kids aged 2.5 years upwards, this bike also comes in at 3.2 kg.

Other Considerations

Features such as pnuematic tires tend to add weight onto the bike so look for rubber or EVA foam.