Micro Balance Bike Chopper Review

A lightweight balance bike with a high quality build aimed at the 2 to 5 age group.It comes in various different colours silver, black,  blue, green, purple, orange, yellow and pink.

The chopper is just 3.2kg thats just over 7lbs.This is one of the lightest bikes on the market. This is a real plus as it means that young children can easily steer, manoeuvre and control the bike.

They can pick it up when they need to. It’s much easier for young children to master a lighter bike and find their balance more quickly than if they have to negotiate a heavy weight. So a light bike is a real plus.

And their adults can easily carry it when needed as well.

It features a unique style of polyurethane wheel. This style of wheel helps absorb and mitigate vibrations when out and about offering a smooth, comfortable ride on pavements and paths. The wheels are very similar to scooter wheels. They have sealed precision bearings. They work brilliantly on smooth surfaces such as pavements and paths, although as the wheels are quite small they aren't really designed for any off road use. When your child is confident on this bike they will really be able to get up some speed.

There wheels are also puncture proof and mark free meaning the bike can be used indoor and out. The size of the wheels measure 20cm in diameter and are 3.5cm wide.

The handlebar can be adjusted to the right height for a child between 51 and 53.5cm. There is an included allen key to do this.

The seat height can be adjusted really easily. Just open the clamp found underneath the seat and raise seat to desired height. Just close latch to finish. No tools are required to adjust the seat so you can do so in between uses.

The seat height can be adjusted between 360mm-420mm from the ground. The lowest seat height is quite a bit higher than some other models of balance bikes. Therefore, the bike won't be a good fit for the under 2s or smaller children. To decide whether it is ok for your child, measure their inseam, the lowest seat height should be about 1 inch less the child’s inseam to allow them to get on and off the bike properly. Find out how to measure an inseam.

Smaller, younger children might do better on the strider balance bike. Or you can check out some more of the best balance bikes for 2 year olds.

As both the handlebars and seat can be adjusted the bike promotes sharing among siblings.

High quality build
As with their scooters, micro make high quality and extremely well designed bikes that will last.  The bike is a high quality aluminium construction. No exposed bolts on this bike! It looks stylish and has comfortable foam grips and the handlebars and a comfortable seat.

You can get replacement parts from the micro website so you don't have to get a new bike if you need to do any repairs. This will stop balance bikes ending up in landfills. The bike can also be easily passed onto younger siblings or it can be sold secondhand when you have finished with it. So you can recoup some of the initial outlay.

Maximum Weight of Rider
The maximum weight the bike will take is 20kg.

This micro chopper is super lightweight which makes it easy for young kids to master. And older kids can enjoy a nippy but smooth, comfortable ride. This makes it a great choice for beginners and bigger children who will want to go places! No frustration for the rider at all.  But what really sets this bike apart is it's quality build, durabilty and potential to last all the kids that you have and more. This bike won't end up in a landfill if looked after properly.

Alternatives To The Mini Micro Chopper Balance Bike

There are obviously many alternatives to the micro chopper balance bike. Here are a few to consider:

Need a lower seat height?
If you are buying for a smaller, younger child the micro chopper’s lowest seat height may be a bit too high. Other bikes to check out include the strider balance bike which has a minimum seat height of just 28cm and the puky balance bike which has a lowest seat height of 29cm.

The micro chopper scores very highly when it comes to weight but if you are looking for something comparable or even lighter check out the strider which weighs just 2.9kg.

The micro is good on pavements, paths and smooth surfaces but the small wheels will struggle off road. Many balance bikes are just designed for use on concrete so this isn't unusual but if you are looking for something which can go on rougher surfaces look for a bike with pneumatic tyres. The disadvantage with air filled tyres is that they will take some maintenance and they will add weight to the bike which isn't always ideal for young, small kids. But air filled tyres will offer a very comfortable ride and will be able to handle bumps, gravel and stones in the road better.

For children over 3 years check out the bike star balance bike and the early rider.

Balance bike with a brake

The micro chopper doesn't have a brake. This again is very normal for balance bikes for younger children. Children aren't really capable of using a brake until they are 3 or 4, so even if it's on the bike they won't use it. If you are looking for an older child and would like a brake there are also check out the bike star balance bike.