Strider Vs Cruzee

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The Strider and Cruzee bikes are all aimed at the toddler / pre-schooler age group.

There are two types of Strider bike. The Strider Classic is aimed at kids from 18 months to 3 years and the Strider Sport comes with an extra long seat post which can accommodate kids between ages 18 months and 5 years.

The Cruzee can accommodate children from 18 months to 5 years.

But which one is the best fit for your child and budget. In this article with have compared all three bikes to help make a decision.

Comparison Table (All 3 Bikes at a Glance)

Bike TypeStrider Classic on amazon (#affiliate link)

Cruzee on ebay (#affiliate link)

Strider Sport on amazon (#affiliate link)

Age Recommendation18 months - 3 years18 months - 5 years18 months - 5 years
Seat Height28-42cm28-48cm28-49cm
Weight of Bike2.9kg1.9kg2,9kg (without seat post)
Weight is increased with seat post
SeatMini sized toddler seat
Padded SeatMini sized toddler seat
and padded seat
with extra long seat
post for older children
Frame materialSteelAluminium AlloySteel
Puncture Proof
Puncture Proof
Puncture Proof
Check PriceCheck Price on amazon (#affiliate link)
Check Price on ebay (#affiliate link)

Check Price on ebay (#affiliate link)

Weight of Bike

Toddlers and pre-schoolers will always find it easier to manage and control a lighter bike. Ideally a balance bike should be no more than 1/3 of the weight of the child riding it. Heavier bikes are much more difficult for young children to learn to ride on.

The Cruzee is the lightest bike on the market at just 1.9kg. This is ridiculously lightweight so makes it a complete winner when choosing for the youngest and smallest of children. It's also super easy for parents to carry if they need to. The cruzee achieves this as it's frame is made of aluminium alloy which is a light but very strong material. However, it is also a more expensive material so does make the cruzee a more expensive bike to purchase.

The Strider bikes are still very lightweight bike. The strider classic at just 2.9kg, it is still one of the lightest balance bikes out there. The average 2 year old weighs over 12kg so this will still be easy for little ones to ride on and manage. It's frame is made of steel which is another strong material but slightly heavier.


The seat of the strider classic isn't padded but it's perfectly mini sized for toddlers. It's the smallest seat on all 3 bikes, so it makes it a nice choice for smaller kids.

The Strider sport has the mini toddler seat  on the classic but as the child grows it can be swapped with a larger seat size which is slightly padded.

The seat on the Cruzee is marginally bigger than the seat on the sport but it is properly padded for comfort (more so than the Strider sport).


All 3 bikes have foam tyres which are puncture free. These are perfect for riding on the pavement but don't work well off road. Although the foam tyres provide some traction, a bike with air filled tyres would be better on more rugged terrain but of course they will require more maintenance. .

The Cruzee tyres are slightly wider than the Striders but not much and all three bikes provide a solid, smooth, comfortable ride along paths and pavements.


All three bikes have an adjustable seat height. They all have a lowest seat height of 28cm which should be perfect for the smallest of children, even some as young as 18 months. Ideally you want the seat height to be 2.5cm less than a child's inside leg measurement so they can get on and off the bike ok as well as push it around with their feet.

Both the Cruzee and the Strider Sport are adjustable to accommodate kids up to around age 5 with a maximum seat height of 48cm on the Cruzee and 49cm on the strider.

The Strider Classic can be adjusted up to 42cm which is perfect for kids aged up to around 3 years. It's a more affordable option for younger children but if you want the bike to last, it would be better to choose the Cruzee or the Strider Sport.

Which Balance Bike For You?

All 3 bikes are excellent choices. As you can see they all have different strengths. Here are some suggestions of which bike is best.

Best for on a budget?

If you are buying on a budget, the Strider bikes are cheaper than the Cruzee. The Strider Classic is the most affordable but this is only a good choice for kids aged 1.5 to 2 years as by the time they get to age 3, they won't have much growing room left on it.

For kids aged 3 to 5, the Strider Sport is the best affordable option.

Best for the Youngest Toddlers

The Cruzee is the most lightweight and will be so easy for very small children to control

The Strider Classic and Sport both come with a mini toddler seat which is good for small children although it  isn't padded like the Cruzee seat

Best for Older Kids

Either the Cruzee or the Strider Sport which can accommodate growing children up to age 5.

As all 3 of these balance bikes are excellent it is not an easy choice and will depend which are the most important features for you and the child in question.